Woyzeck – New Wolsey Studio

There are some shows you just have to shrug your shoulders on and just admit they are not for you.

Sadly for me The New Wolsey Young Companies latest offering Woyzeck falls into that catergory. While you have to admire the enthusiasm and courage to try something different, the sum of the parts just didn’t add up.

Georg Büchner’s play was left unfinished on his death in 1837 and the Wolsey Young Company have now stamped their own mark on the piece, turning it into a full on piece of Théâtre de l’Absurde.

Played on an impressive set in the small New Wolsey Studio space this is a full on assault from the moment doors open, with the audience being sworn at as they enter. So not your usual trip to the theatre then!

There are some nice moments but the alienation techniques employed in the production make engagement with the characters difficult. Some work on the difference between projection and shouting would benefit as would some review of some of the lighting that at times leaves cast in shadow.

A valiant try but for me one that sadly fails

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