Wolf – Pulse Fringe Festival – Spiral Car Park Ipswich

If you go down to the woods, sorry basement of the Spiral Car Park, you’re in for a big surprise. Walking down the deserted underground car park at night howls of wolves echo through the lot and strange faces peer through fire escape doors. On arrival in the deepest section of the car park some of the fellow audience members are not all they seem; the sound of howling fills the space and we are suddenly in the middle of a pack of Wolves.

With current talk of reintroducing wolves into the UK countryside it is a topical thought, how could wolves and humans co-exist? Wolf however is also a wider examination of man’s interrelationship with the environment and the sense of belonging to a pack.

Through movement, text and song the performance delivers an immersive and thrilling piece of pure theatre. Aided by the atmospheric setting, the audience are offered a multi-sensory treat.

Creative team Kath Burlinson, Iain Finlay Macleod and Kerry Andrew have produced an evocative setting for their wolf pack to play in and the pack take full advantage. Lewis Barfoot, Drew Davies, Joshua Egirani, Charlie Gradon, Joanna Holden, Sioned Jones, Vincent Manna, James Lloyd Pegg and Jamie Zubairi all giving strong performances, whispering lines in your ear or appearing out of the crowd.

The show has been performed in churchyards, woods and now an underground car park ahead of a trip to the Edinburgh Festival and this is one Wolf you shouldn’t shy away from meeting. Wolf has to be the highlight of Pulse 2010.

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