True Love Waits – Pulse Fringe Festival, New Wolsey Studio

Three playwrights penning one play could easily be a recipe for a muddled disaster but in True Love Waits Evan Pacey, Kenneth Emson and Marcelo Dos Santos create three interwoven monologues that gel perfectly.

Unseen Daniel White, the ‘corporate killer’ is on death row in Atlanta. Three women pen pals are writing to him for various reasons. Alice, his girlfriend is in therapy, Judith, a god-fearing American, is praying for his soul while Charlie in Reading is about to turn 16 and is deeply in love (or lust) with Daniel. What drives these three diverse women to write to a man facing execution and what links the three?

It’s a clever concept and one that is delivered with skill by Box of Tricks Theatre Company. Each of the three women are vividly drawn, each slightly un-hinged but each totally focused on their relationship with the killer.

Charlie is just about coping with the suicide of her brother; Judith is resorting to the bible to overcome her own lowliness; while Alice, undergoing therapy from multiple counsellors, is venting her anger.

Abi Hood, Natasha James and Rowena Lennon deliver gripping performances, making each pen-pal a thoroughly believable character.

The three interwoven story arcs overlap perfectly and move to a surprising and moving climax. This is a world premiere but this assured production will hopefully go onto wider success.

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