The Ten Commandments – Pulse Fringe Festival, McGintys Pub

Well it’s a first for me, a Christian comedy sketch show on the Ten Commandments –the Pulse Fringe Festival certainly offers a variety! Performed by the group Four Monks and A Nun (though strangely only performed by three ‘monks’ and a ‘nun’).

Yazz Fetto, Kevin Moore, Shaninga and Helen Marasha take us on a comic tour through the Ten Commandments, giving each the comedy sketch show format over the course of an hour. Some of the ten sketches work better than others; the scene of an offended talking self service checkout for example, particularly stands out. Some of the other sketches while humorous are less successful, although the packed audience revelled in the humour.

The Ten Commandments is a clever concept, perhaps a bit more variety in the format of the sketches would benefit the show but the cast work hard to provide an hours fast paced comedy.

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