The Long Way Home – Jubilee Hall Aldeburgh

For only the 2nd time in their history, Eastern Angles have staged an ‘off the shelf’ play instead of one especially commissioned for them and it turns out to be a poor decision.

Instead of a locally inspired play we are transported to a Greek island and a widow’s journey back to her birthplace.

On the way she meets a young lad who thinks he’s a dog and slowly a touching relationship develops between them.

There is potential here and some effective staging on a simple set. The current theatrical fashion to include puppets is continued here with an effective ghost of the woman’s husband conjured up from a clay jug.

The clever staging however doesn’t manage to hide the fact that the play itself is paper thin and stretched way to far to fill two acts. The long way home it certainly is and could do with a desperate short cut.

Hidden here is a one act play for children but for a full staged adult production fails to inspire. Come on Eastern Angles, return to doing what you do best – stories rooted in East Anglian life.

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