The best – and worst of Quarter 1 2010

the first quarter of the year has already been and gone and its 20 shows down.

Some I’ve sat through some good, some average and some just darn right bad theatre in the last three months.

So time to hand out both the bouquets and the brickbats, for the best and the worst, of the first quarter of 2010. Will these hits and misses make it into the overall year-end league tables?

Good news first – my top three productions of Q1

1) Dunsinane – RSC at Hampstead Theatre

2) Arabian Nights – RSC at The Courtyard Stratford Upon Avon

3) Ordinary Days – Gallery Players at Sir John Mills Theatre

And now for the worst three and here you don’t want to be in the number 1 slot!

1) Forever in Your Debt – Foursight Theatre Company at New Wolsey Theatre (Tour)

2) The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – European Arts Company at New Wolsey Theatre (Tour)

3) 2010: A Space Oddity – Company Gavin Robertson at New Wolsey Theatre (Tour)

So two out of three for the RSC at the top of the table and some distinctly dodgy and ill thought out touring productions at the bottom.

New writing and literary adaptations at both ends of the scale. It does show that just because something is commissioned it shouldn’t always be sent out on tour.

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