Sprung – National Theatre, Watch This Space Festival

Unplanned trips to free performances can be a hit and miss affair but in this case proves worth taking a chance.

As part of the National Theatre’s Watch This Space Festival, acrobatic dance company Mimbre have taken up a week’s residence in the outdoor Theatre Square.

Sprung is one of a number of pieces the trio are performing. Fingers, hands, faces and then whole performers appear through an elastic mesh. It’s fast, furious and curiously engaging, aided by an evocative score. Timed to perfection it is strangely voyeuristic and addictive. Slowly three performers emerge from the webbing and play. Again its split second timed acrobatics that demonstrate the trio’s skill, power and agility. The company are obviously enjoying the piece and it’s a perfect show for this outdoor space, fun, accessible and inspiring.

Like many performance pieces it is up to the audience to put the show in context, and therefore trying to describe a plot is irrelevant as everyone will have their own interpretation. A thoroughly unexpected but enjoyable show. Sometimes taking the risk pays off.

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