Spine cracking in the stalls

So should I stop going to the theatre? If I do go should I limit myself to booking a restricted view seat at the back of the theatre?

Why am I asking?

Well I’m 6’2 tall and from the comments I’ve started receiving from fellow audience members it seems this is far too tall to go to the theatre.

Now when I book at ticket I weigh up the options over price versus view and then try and book the best seats available. For a few of my fellow audience members recently though it seems I am committing some heinous crime and should only be allowed in the theatre if relegated to the back row.

Two examples recently, the first being prodded constantly in the back during the first act while being asked to slump in my seat, the second being told by the lady behind that I should be more considerate when booking seats. I’ve even been asked by front of house staff if I would consider moving to seats further back.

Now 6’2 while tall isn’t exactly giant proportions. Would the same people ask an overweight person or someone with Amy Winehouse –esque hair to move? No, so why is it acceptable for ‘heightist’ comments to be made in the stalls?

I do try to scoot down in my seat as much as is humanly possible in the spine crushing confines of most theatre seats but given the continued abuse I am now thinking of sitting bolt upright tall and proud!

Rant over

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