Review: HighTide: The Adventure – The Printworks, Halesworth

Some reviews are difficult to write, not because there isn’t anything to say about a production, but, because the fact that the element of surprise is so central to the success of the piece, that to say anything that would weaken the whole experience.

So it is with Bad Physics’ The Adventure. Forget sitting in a theatre to watch a play, here you are active participants on a wild adventure that without your help is doomed to fail. Inspired by the Famous Five it’s a jolly jape as we follow the clues and pit wits against an unseen foe as we race to save the day.

To give anymore away would, as said, spoil the fun. Suffice to say it’s a full on adventure requiring bravery, wit and courage as the cast lead co-conspirators through the journey. With members of the public taking such a key role in the action each journey is going to be slightly different but the cast (Bettrys Jones, Adam Jackson-Smith, Brendan Murphy and Oliver Ryan ) work hard to maintain the flow of the story, demonstrating impressive improvisation skills when faced with the inevitable unpredictability of enthusiastic youngsters.

This is billed as an adventure ‘for children, their parents and for adults who don’t want to grow up’ and indeed the adults have just as much fun as their younger counterparts. There are the enviable scary moments so those adults may want to take a child with them for protection but this is a theatrical experience all can enjoy (though perhaps not for very young children).

This is a work in progress showing of the piece still in development but on this showing it’s hard to see much further work being required to finalise the show.

Ticket holders need to leave their preconceptions at the door, suspend belief and jump into the deep end to fully enjoy the experience, but enter into the spirit of the piece and you’ll have, to pinch one of Peter Pan’s catchphrases, an awfully big adventure.

Originally written for The Public Reviews

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