Preview: Ten picks from Pulse Fringe 2012

One of the pleasures of festival going is spending time beforehand perusing the line-up and picking out those events that you just can’t miss.

Of course if you are reviewing it becomes a bit more complicated and you’re not really supposed to have favourites, however, some bits of marketing blurb just jump out at you.

Everyone will have their own highlights of course. That’s one of the joys of festival programming – there’s something for everyone.

Matthew Linley has already picked his personal choices from this year’s Pulse Fringe Festival and I’m always happy to pinch a good idea. Here then, in no particular order, are ten shows that are intriguing me from this year’s programme.

1) The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike

Laura Mugridge’s first solo show Running On Air, performed to only 5 people at a time inside a yellow VW Campervan, was one of the hightlights of Pulse 2011. Her second solo show is therefore something to look forward to.

2) The Lonely One

A good scare in theatre is really hard to pull off. Dotted line theatre though promise to combine fear, humour, puppetry and light to create a Hitchock-esque feel.

3) Buttercup

Sometimes the marketing blurb just sounds so intriguing you have to see it. ‘Buttercup is a fat cow from Lancashire. She’s lovely. She’s really looking forward to meeting you all’. Enough said!

4) Goose Party

Little Bulb Theatre’s Operation Greenfield has received critical acclaim wherever it has played. Goose Party, the companies latest offering, promises a musical journey into identity.

5) Snow White

Festivals aren’t just for adults. This look at the famous princess promises a mix of technology, movement and music to enthral all ages.

6) Party Piece

Originally commissioned for last years Pulse, the New Wolsey’s Young Associates return to showcase how the piece has developed over the year. Parents of teenagers watch with caution.

7) Ten Out Of Ten

In this politically correct era when school sports days are banned and failure has been rebranded ‘deferred success’, Ten Out Of Ten promises an evening of competition that we can all win.

8) Love Labour’s Lost

One of the highlights of London’s theatre season is the Globe to Globe event that sees every one of Shakespeare’s plays performed in a different language. Direct from that we get Deafinitely theatre’s BSL version of one of The Bard’s greatest comedies.

9) The BP Story

The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster caused a huge environmental impact on the Gulf of Mexico. Look Left Look Right looks at the aftermath through the eyes of those affected.

10) The Furies
Closing the festival with a bang, Kindle Theatre are fusing Greek Tragedy with Heavy Metal, rock and soul. What’s not to like?

The Pulse Fringe Festival runs in Ipswich between 25 May and 9 June, offering 52 shows in just 13 days. Full details at

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