My Name Is Sue – Pulse Fringe Festival, New Wolsey Theatre

The dispossessed spirits of Hinge and Bracket have crossed the Severn Bridge into Wales and the result is a drug fuelled, piano toting, cardy wearing example of care in the community gone horribly wrong!

Sue is a (wo)man on the edge and in taking to her piano she takes us on an hour long musical trip through her life. From the childhood death of her mother, Swiss Finishing School, her bus trips around Cardiff, through to her spell in a mental institution.

As you may have guessed this is not your usual parlour sing-song, as Sue pops her pills the lyrics become more crazed and her behaviour becomes more manic until she finally looses all control.

Sue is joined on stage by three fellow musicians, also named Sue, three more lost souls in this bizarre world -three musicians who look like deranged extras from the Adams Family.

It’s hilariously funny at times but also strangely poignant. Dafydd James’ creation is so over the top that ‘she’ becomes in some strange way totally believable.

There’s no complex story, no hidden agenda, just an hour of unashamed comedy. A fun way to end the Pulse Fringe Festival 2010

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