Love never dies, it’s just delayed

So Love Never Dies won’t be heading to Broadway this November after all. Really Useful have announced that the production will be delayed until ‘Spring 2011’ on medical orders.

Given what can only be at best described as ‘mixed’ reviews, it is perhaps an opportunity for the creative team to go back to the drawing board and solve some of the problems facing the show in its current form.

The ending is perhaps the section most urgently in need of attention but there is much work to do on the whole piece if the show is going to work on the Great White Way.

Having had a couple of days to reflect on the show I now think there is an identity issue with the piece. On one hand it tries to be a big spectacle and fails, on the other it is an intimate love story. Perhaps the producers should decide what route to follow – either bump up the magic and spectacle or focus on a Chocolate Factory style chamber piece.

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