Corrie – Ipswich Regent

The familiar notes of Britain’s longest running soap run over a panning shot across the rooftops of a Manchester terrace. As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations Corrie has come to the stage.

Does Bet feature? What about Hilda and her ‘murials’? Does Ken get another wife? Does Minnie Caldwell’s cat make an appearance?

We may never know!

All these questions have to go unanswered as turning up to review at opening night, one was faced with a darkened, deserted theatre. The duty manager explained that the show had been cancelled tonight and tomorrow due to ‘lack of sales’ and that the box office didn’t contact those with complimentary or review tickets. An explanation from the theatre management will no doubt be forthcoming….

So in honour of The Street’s half century and to avoid further disappointment here’s a picture of Hilda’s infamous ducks.

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