Dunsinane – Hamsptead Theatre

Well theatre professionals see Macbeth as a cursed play so its brave of the RSC to stage a new sequel of the dreaded Scottish Play. It turns out however to be a brave and bold move, in David Griegs’ epic Dunsinane they have found a play that not only adds something to the Bards original […]

Noises Off – New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich

There is often a suspicion that there is more interesting drama backstage than onstage in many productions and in Michael Fryan’s classic comedy Noises Off the backstage drama is certainly more watchable than the terrible production of ‘Nothing On’ that the company are desperately trying to tour to the poor unsuspecting theatre going public. For […]

Stephen Sondheim – Royal National Theatre

It’s always good to support young, up and coming, writers and so its a trip to the National to support some whipper snapper called Stephen Sondheim! Seriously though its hard to believe that the maestro is 80 years old this year and shows no signs of retiring. There are few people that can truly be […]

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour – Royal National Theatre

The nemonic Every Good Boy Deserves Favour is ingraned into the minds of any music student but in Tom Stoppards collaboration with Andre Preven the phrase takes on a wider metaphor. A play for actors and orchestra sees a full size symphony orchestra fill the stage while two political prisoners are ‘imprisoned’ in a mental […]

Andersen’s English – Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

It sounds like a made up event – Hans Christian Andersen arrives as an unexpected guest at Charles Dickens’ Kent home but this isn’t one of those ‘6 people you invite to your dinner party’ fantasies, it actually happened. Andersen’s English – Out of Joint Theatre Company’s latest touring production focuses on this unlikely meeting […]

Huck – New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich

There is always a danger in adapting classic novels for the stage that the audience will have such a strong vision of the novel in their mind that any stage adaptation will fail to live up to that image. When the novel has been filmed on numerous occasions the problem is compounded. It is against […]

One Man Lord Of The Rings – Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Ok – just to protect me from Sam Jackson’s lawyers let me say from the outset this review is not linked or authorised by anyone connected with The Lord of The Rings – better to be safe than sorry. Given the epic scale of the books and the subsequent films how do you condense these […]

2010 A Space Oddity – New Wolsey Theatre

Gavin Robertson has created a whole new theatrical genre – geek theatre. Outside of a Sci Fi Convention never has there been a auditorium buzzing with comments about the obelisk on stage during the preset being of the wrong proportions. Its one of those shows – if you spend far to many hours in front […]

Arabian Nights – The Courtyard Stratford Upon Avon

There are some moments in theatre when you just have to take a chance. A £10 ticket offer on Facebook for top price seats was just one of the moments. A family show by the RSC at the end of January not a must see but reviews outstanding and a bargain ticket so why not. […]

The Habit of Art – National Theatre

A new Alan Bennett play for the National Theatre is always guaranteed to get bums on seats and The Habit of Art is no exception – all performances sold out shortly after going on sale. So is this likely to be another History Boys? Unlikely but that doesnt mean its bad, Bennet has to have […]