Billy Gibbons says ZZ Top ‘cooking up’ new album

ZZ Top was to have played The Venetian Theater for five shows from March 20-28, the dates rescheduled until further notification. As the band is marking its 50th year as a unit, front man Billy Gibbons has been sidelined with his better half, Gilligan, in the couple’s home in Las Vegas’ notable Rancho Circle neighborhood.

I got Gibbons in content and email a couple of days back. Alluding to himself as “BFG,” for his center name Frederick, he volleyed a couple of inquiries. The trade:

ZZ Top Concert

Johnny Kats: What are you doing to fill the days?

Billy Gibbons: Against my better judgment, “yardwork” is starting to seem engaging. I’ve been repurposing the stones and cutting the spines off the desert flora. The uplifting news is, we’re in the desert and there’s no grass to cut!

Perusing anything fascinating?

For a certified fantasy escape, attempt “Hard-Boiled Wonderland — and the End of the World,” from the surrealist Haruki Murakami. It’s a psyche drinking spree.

What are you tuning in to?

All the standard suspects — Jimmy Reed, Howlin’ Wolf, Lightnin’ Hopkins. Everything soul-filled to invigorate the innovative energies. Gotta whip on the hmm tar and estrange the neighbors.

Have you happened to see “Tiger King” on Netflix? Any musings?

It’s right up there with the ZZ Top narrative on Netflix, “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.” And, I should state, we’re almost as abnormal. All things considered, perhaps.

Any proposals for marathon watching?

“Pawn Stars” is constantly a decent wagered. Exactly when you think you’ve seen everything, in strolls the following, more interesting than-abnormal, odd something.

What are you finding out about when the band will come back to live execution?

ZZ Top can’t sit still. The viewpoint for the coming year will be a reward. It’ll be an ideal opportunity to see the.

I heard the Venetian shows would incorporate a move number with individuals from “Insane Girls” for “Viva Las Vegas.” Is that still in the drawn-out plans?

Indeed, as the adage goes, “Each young lady insane ‘session a sharp-dressed man,” and thusly, EVERYBODY insane ‘session them pretty ladies!

We’ve discussed “The Guy,” the single fan who saw you play a set from the get-go in your profession in a club in Alvin, Texas. He’s been to ZZ Top shows throughout the years. When’s the last time you saw him?

We are imparting up a smoke sign for the person with the encouragement to make a straight shot into Las Vegas for the following the ZZ Top Concert. We’ll even purchase the person another Coke throughout the break.

Is it true that you are in contact with bandmates Dusty and Frank? How right?

Gracious, yes! We have been concocting another round of devilish sounds for the following ZZ record. A significant distance is awesome.

In March, I shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s Foundation for the eighth year. What amount would it take for you to shave that whisker?

ZZ Beardless? That is a shocking idea! We don’t know what hides underneath these jawline bristles.

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