2010 A Space Oddity – New Wolsey Theatre

Gavin Robertson has created a whole new theatrical genre – geek theatre. Outside of a Sci Fi Convention never has there been a auditorium buzzing with comments about the obelisk on stage during the preset being of the wrong proportions. Its one of those shows – if you spend far to many hours in front of the TV watching the Sci Fi channel you will most probably revel in 2010 A Space Oddity. If you don’t you will be left horribly confused – unfortunately although known to like a bit of Sci Fi I fell into the latter group.

A parody of 2001 this two man show gets off to a very slow start and doesn’t pick up any pace during the piece. Full of in jokes relating back to the film for some bizarre reason a series of catering equipment props are wheeled on to represent various spacecraft, planets etc. While this may work for a one off joke after an hour it wears thin.

There are many successful spoof shows out on the road but unfortunately this one should be left out in a far flung orbit

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